Thursday, July 25, 2013

Double Agent

Has there ever been a time in your life that you remember living as a version of yourself? 

It's possible that some people may find this difficult to relate to [I'm jealous of and applaud those who do], but when we're going through something tough, sometimes we become so used to motion on autopilot, that we forget how to use our manual controls as the days start to get brighter. 

Years and years of full-of-shit song writers and Etiquette books have told us that we should, "Put on a happy face", "Smile, and the whole world smiles with us", and, "Don't cry on the subway in the middle of the afternoon". I personally think that this is all a load of crap. If you don't express what you feel, you'll end up sitting on it until it leaves a frowny face divot in one of your ass cheeks. Just not cute. Being polite is one thing, you definitely should NOT- under any circumstances- hurt anyone Hulk-style if they get in your way on an off day. However, if you don't let out your sniffles [or if you're a manly man and don't cry- your pent up aggression], faking that happy face can end up... not so much in your favor.

While I was sick, I started putting forth a version of myself that I wanted everyone else to see. Partly because I felt like I had to, and partly because I thought it might help to jump-start a little happiness in my life. Not that I faked any interests, friendships or intentions, but really now, how much of your vulnerable side do you let your semi-close friends see? What if your vulnerability is already all over the internet via Instagram or the dreaded Facebook? You want to be strong, right? You want your pals and acquaintances to have a good feeling when they're around you. And not spend time bogged down feeling bad for you. You want to feel inspiring, and inspired...
I'd better not be the only one guilty of this. 

But you may wake up one day and realize, "HOLY FUCK..." And I can use as many curse words as I want to, because I'm no longer with a publishing network and it feels wonderful, "I've been trying so hard to make everyone think that I'm THE STRONGEST PERSON ALIVE, that I've actually become weaker in the process". 

Let me make myself perfectly fucking clear:
Keeping up with appearances is a total waste of time. 

If you feel like crap, stay home. If your friends are putting together a party and you know you're going to feel anti-social, go to the library instead. Cry alone in your bedroom and line all the pillows you own up to punch in rapid succession. Most of the posts I write are instructional, but here's a secret: I write them for myself. So I can look back on them and take the advice that I listed months, or even years, before. I'll be honest- sometimes it's really fucking hard. I've gone months without writing- or even reading- because I knew that I just wasn't strong enough to address the resentment that I had for getting sick in the first place. The honest truth is that I still struggle with it. It's probably not something that will ever really go away, but I'm getting there. 

And these days, I'm not afraid of letting the world see that.

If you're feeling bat shit cray, or you just want to be negative for a while in your room- DO IT. Don't waste your energy trying to push that down into your super awesome depths. They'll just start rotting away. Explaining the smell to your friends and loved ones and trying to get them to stick around and ignore it is a lot more awkward than losing your strength sometimes and letting it be seen.

You beautiful idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always <6


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